Heath Ledger liked the joke…

Through out various times in my life, tact was not be in the list of words that one would use to describe me. I’ve always dreamed of doing stand up comedy and I’m constantly cultivating routines in my head. The only problem is, I don’t think I’m that funny. Others may disagree. Take this morning […]

Never Analyze America’s Dream

I want to tell you a story. A beautiful, moving story of America. A story that resonates with the wonders of democracy and the liberties guaranteed under the inspired Constitution. I want to tell a story with tears rolling down my face as I reflect on my own membership in the Greatest Nation on Earth. […]

The Art of Rejection Rebounding

I’m not a professional writer. Yet. I’m trying. It’s very odd to me that the thought never crossed my mind of how great an emotional investment this is. I’m taking requests from people, researching, developing, turning an abstract idea in to something tangible. Then add on the layers of voice. Is it informative? Is it […]

A Glimpse Into The Future-Graphene

With its discovery in 2003, or more accurately its ascent into usage and practical application, Graphene has opened up the world to staggering new developments across nearly every arena of research. Measuring a mere atom thick, it is the thinnest, lightest, strongest and most flexible material known to man. The areas of research and development […]

Death Sacks and Eco Gnomes

Sweet hell. There are so many things in this day and age that we, as global citizens, must keep a level of vigilance about. My biggest dilemma is to bag or not to bag when I’m purchasing a small number of items. I know, I know. The answer is to buy and use the reusable […]

From humble beginnings

I worked for just under 20 years in the tech sector. I graduated college with dual bachelors in Computer Science and Information Technology with a minor in Business Management. The thing of it is, I never wanted to work in data security or enterprise network administration. Sure, back tracking hackers and putting out corporate propagating […]